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OPENING THIS WEEK - Adrien Brody & Matt Bush HIGH SCHOOL movie preview
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OPENING THIS WEEK - Adrien Brody & Matt Bush HIGH SCHOOL movie preview...
day after high-school senior Henry Burke smokes his very first joint, his principal institutes a mandatory drug test for all students. Since he'll lose his college scholarship if he fails the drug test, Henry forms a half-baked plan. He teams up with his stoner pal Breaux to steal some prime weed from a drug dealer named Psycho Ed, and uses it to spike the brownies intended for the school's bake sale.

Release Date:

Jun 1, 2012

MPAA Rating:


Running Time:





John Stalberg Jr.


Adrien Brody Psycho Ed

Sean Marquette Travis Breaux

Matt Bush Henry Burke

Colin Hanks Brandon Ellis

Michael Chiklis Dr. Leslie Gordon

Adhir Kalyan Sebastian Saleem

Mykelti Williamson Paranoid


Warren Zide, Raymond J. Markovich,
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